ECCO COMBIBUNK 7 and 9 Series


The Ecco Combi-BUNK is the latest stool in our product range. This innovative folding platform allows you to use a timber transport more versatile and thus more economical. In the folded-out state, the transport of round timber and in the folded-in state, e.g. The transport of cut timber. The locking and unlocking of the stowage pocket is effected by a lever mechanism which is convenient and easy to operate.

ECCO Combi-BUNK 7: 7 t version with mounting and stakes approx.135kg
ECCO Combi-BUNK 9: 9 t version with attachment and stakes approx.150kg

This BUNK is compatible with our ECCO aluminum frames. Outer width in folded out state is 2550mm. The stakess stand with 2 degrees preload inwards, so even in the loaded state the outer width of 2550mm is not exceeded.Scene body height 150mm in the folded out, folded-in state 290mm. Available in raw with or without attachment. Or KTL + powder coated in a RAL shade of your choice with pre-assembled mounting.