Are used when the bunks are mostly positioned on the frame at the same location. These clamp fixtures are specially designed for the ECCO aluminum bunks. The attachment is carried out without drilling and without welding, completely independent of the frame width of the vehicle, by a total of 8 mandrels per footrest, which press into the flange profile of the aluminum bunk body, thereby fixing the bunk in width on the vehicle frame. In the case of the ECCO-FIX attachments, the bunks are placed on a polyethylene plate (plastic plate).


These attachments have been designed specifically to move them manually on the subframe with the loader crane. The attachments can be used on all types of vehicles where the bunks are to be moved on the frame in the unloaded condition. The ECCO resistance fixtures are self-locking by means of spring force. A polyethylene plate is used for the ECCO resistance fixtures. Order number: EB 2300


are used when the bunk has to be positioned at different locations on the vehicle frame, for example due to different wood lengths. With the ECCO quick-release fasteners, in an unloaded state, it can be easily moved by one person on the frame and locked in the desired position. Order number: EB 2400